it's nice to meet you! 

OMG! i can't believe i created this after so many years of telling myself to do it, it's finally here! this is my baby where you can learn more about what i do as a young professional.

i battled with creating a simple portfolio for my modeling, but i do so much more than that! i'm an engineer by day, but i also model, mentor women, create marketing materials, and hype up every single person i meet because well, we all need it! to learn more about me, my modeling, traveling & the works go ahead and press those buttons above!

Engineer by day, full blown creative by night. Nadia is a Detroit-based model, lifestyle blogger, mentor and hype-girl for all. Her positive vibes, honesty and down-to-earth spirit are addicting. On her website you can find a portfolio of her modeling work along with her “diary,” where she spills her heart out about what’s on her mind. You can also find even more beautiful content on her Instagram account at @nerdia.nadia where she shares outfit photos, her latest modeling gigs and her ever changing hairstyles.” - The Seen Magazine