fake deep

i just got the BEST laugh of my life. It was at myself, lol.

Remember that crack in my windshield? it spread before i could get it fixed and then spread all the way across my windshield over the weekend. all i can do is laugh, lmao. i feel silly asl, but it’s so hilarious to me. i told one of my bests about it and how i think it’s a blatant metaphor for, “what you allow, will continue.” i had one of those moments when i was trying to be funny to lift her spirits and ended up saying something really deep so we ended up crying laughing because so many crazy things have been happening…i mean, what else can we do?

i’ve been having a lot of seemingly meaningless conversations that end up being super deep and introspective. i’m thankful for the people in my life that are so multifaceted that they can handle my rambling, hit me with the real and then turn around and clown me for not making complete sense, lol.

even taking a lesson from other people’s lives has helped. you never know what the next person is going through, so be kind, always. but that’s not my point here. on sundays, i play flag football in the spring & fall. this fall season, we lost in quarter finals and then had to referee the championship game, which sucked! but, oh well, i stayed to ref. i was still angry about losing, but i had to let it go quickly to ref the game in a fair manner. i think i did a great job, of course, but the teams took turns yelling at me, lol. (i don’t take that very well). i gave warnings and they understood, but the losing team allowed one call to ruin their morale for the rest of the game. they had a huge chance of winning, but let the past control their future. (told y’all, i was getting deep!)

this week, i’ve decided to accept the bad and because of that i’ve laughed so much more. it’s like, sure, bad stuff happens, but my response to the bad stuff is what matters most. i can run from it or i can deal with it & i’m choosing to deal with it with a ton of laughter!