hey ya'll hey

heyyyyyy ya’ll!

i missed ya’ll fr. today i’m feeling detached & drained, but not sad so i guess that’s good. anyways, the only reason i had to take a mini break from writing is because i was just dog tired, lol. there was so much life happening that was completely out of my control like layoffs, people’s attitudes, even my position in the company i work for & their perceptions of me. it was a rough couple of weeks, but today i had a nagging feeling to write so here i am talking to ya’ll like i talk to myself. i don’t really have a goal for this one, i'‘m sure i’ll just be rambling, but i’m rolling with it!

let’s do some updates. i think my love life or whatever is going pretty well, it’s real chill like i like it. i randomly started drawing! & it came out decent! i spent more time than ever relearning my camera, *screams* “nikon gang!” i also think i have some inspiration for a special project that i’d like to have done by my birthday. i’ve done like 4 different shoots that i need to add to my portfolio. i’ve been spending more time alone, just to clear my head & make sure nadia is all good. i’ve been leaning on my parents more for this whole job stuff because ya girl is TIRED. booked a few vacations for the year, though i still dk what i’m doing for my birthday (august 25). i got back in the gym last week & cooking more, but i ordered out last night & found my new fav veggie fried rice. (my heart is singingggggg because i’m about to crush my left overs). what else….oh! i get my wisdom teeth out this friday & lowkey, i’m scared, but i know it’ll be fine lol.

tbh, i think that’s all i feel like saying. go tune into CNN, homie (michael cohen) is spilling all the tea on 45. be great, nerds.