brighten up

i truly feel like my friends, even distant friends, are all interconnected & hyper psychic! i’ll be minding my business scrolling on ig or twitter and boom! a very private thought i shared with no one is posted by a friend and i immediately check to see who was stalking my brain because it happens way more than i like, lol. i’m well aware of the cookies & google listening to my conversations, but i think my friends are in my head, too. they have to be, that’s the only thing that makes sense! or it’s just God’s timing, but the thought of my friends putting a thought tracking device in my head like a horror movie is pretty hilarious, lol. this thought that my friends stole from my brain is, “why do people rally around or celebrate you more when you’re down rather than when you’re up?”

i found myself thinking of this more more often than i care to admit because it’s true, but hopefully with good intention. it’s pretty much involuntary to give love to those that need it aka those are down in the dumps, but why does someone need to be sad in order to be built up? is there something in our brains that tells us to fix the sad? whenever i see sadness i always ask if the person wants to be hyped up or if they want to vent, it’s definitely helped me whenever i feel down. this way i’m not rushing to a solution that may not even be necessary. plus most often, if a person is outwardly showing that they are sad it’s because they can no longer hold in the hurt so the natural reaction is to give them verbal flowers to feel better. so for those that handle all of their sadness within themselves, they just never get celebrated because no one can actually see their hurt, which sucks! that’s why i continually hype people!

i love to build people up! it’s my fav hobby, lol. i would love to get others to do it more often too because everybody needs it, tbh. but truly because unless someone reaches that breaking point you never know what someone is going through. plus, it only takes a few milliseconds out of your day to put a smile one’s face, which also makes you smile. now i’m not saying this to ask for compliments, but to encourage you to constantly build each other up even when things are good, that only means they can get better.

oh, by the way, you’re popping asl and i can’t wait to see what magic you choose to share with the world.