the basics

It’s sooooo crazy how life and people work. I feel like I can connect to many people in so many ways, but I hate when in it’s in a negative way like depression or something. (duh)

I’m from three different places; Hampton, VA, St. Pauls, NC and Aberdeen, MD. From these different locations, I learned how to move in just about every type of demographic. I’ve lived in the hood/projects, super country and the suburbs. (I hope to live in the city real soon!) I love each area for a different reason, but mostly it’s because of the emotions attached to it. I’m basically from everywhere, which makes me connected to everyone and I love it!

My opinions, values, and beliefs are formed from everything I’ve witnessed and gone through, but that’s how it should be. For me, it gets a little deeper, that’s why I’m pushing myself to write in this extra public diary. Almost every traumatic thing that I’ve been through has been replicated before me in a friend’s life. To make it simple, here’s an example. My parents divorced when I was around five years old, just about every friend I have has divorced or separated parents, but it didn’t happen until I was at peace with my parents’ decision. When I first realized it, I was scared as hell! I never wanted anyone to feel the way I felt towards my parents for their divorce, but once I let that hurt go, I was able to help my closest friends to get through it. That work took forever! Literally, all through adolescence, I was upset with my parents for leaving each other for no reason (to me), remarrying and moving me all over the place. But now? I’m so thankful they did was necessary for them to be better people and choosing to love and listen to me. I’ve learned so much from them and their willingness to do what makes them happy! This has been the trend in my life for a while and I’m accepting it. I’m also growing to be able to discuss the traumatic events and methods to overcome them in a healthy way, which helps the friend and myself. 😊

Soon, i want to be go even deeper into some things I’m still struggling with, but let’s get the basics down first. Thanks for joining me on this journey of release and discovery.