that's my type, kinda

if you’re really quick with it, you may have seen me post on my ig story that i was going to do a late post in my diary…well, sorry because i got stressed & decided to sit & do nothing.

but it’s a new week! & my birthday is coming soon! like sooner than soon & i had no idea august was going to fly by like this, lol. but anyways! the topic that one of my friends thought of was my “type" and i instantly started laughing because it’s soooooo simple, but also not at all. *shrugs*

ok, so…i always thought my destined type was some tall light bright man because that was literally the only type that came my way, lol. every single time i tried any other type of man, it just went down faster than you can say “oops.” so i just accepted my fate to be with a light bright man, lol…..until, i accepted that not only do i love different colors of men, but women as well. (evil laugh, lmao)

i’ll start with the ladies since i have manners.

women are women and that’s the type that i like, lmao. it’s a mega plus if they’re artsy or spiritual because i just find it so beautiful. i really can’t give more insight other than that, lol. a familiar trend though, is height & a gorgeous smile. i don’t really like or attracted to anyone that’s shorter than me, but with women they can be my height. (for men, nuh uh) confidence and boldness that comes to me before i can show mine takes me all the way back, lol. i be like, “oh really??” i definitely like for her to be a responsible human & i guess you can define that however you like.

now for the men. i want to do a complete 180 and list all these things that a man has to have in order to get my attention, just to be irky lol. truth is, it’s not that much different from a woman, besides the fact he has to be taller than me and thicker than me. please please have high hygiene rituals because i just cannot, lol.

this is too hard, lol. trying to separate my likes of each gender separately is annoying lol. yall know i like both so the rest of this post goes for both. i like a sense of personal style and independence, it’s so beautiful to me! OH, hair! i love hair at any length, i just like for the person to own it. not the misogynist rhetoric of someone’s hair needing to come from their scalp, lol. i mean wear it with confidence as if the cut, color, shape up or baldie is made just for you. i like active humans, ya know the kind to randomly go run or just play outside like a kid, lol. i can get really lazy if nothing provokes me to get up so i can’t be with someone that’s the same because we’ll end up doing nothing at all, lol. money money money, tbh, i think i’m at a point where i can comfortably say that the amount they make definitely impacts my choice to pursue them, but the way they manage it matters much more. financial literacy is extra important and with the goals i’m trying to hit, i can’t carry them while doing me. ooooh, intelligence is sexy asl and so is knowing how to communicate. i take that last part very very seriously. i don’t like having to fight to speak nor be heard and if i feel that i have to, then i’ll likely just stop talking and keep it pushing.

sorry this isn’t super duper juicy, lol. i just like what i like. *shrugs* also, i’m currently out of the game so please no shots. lmao.