what's your favorite game?

ok so boom. life happens. a lot, lol. but if your perspective is relatively positive, you’re payed up, and you’re adaptable then every little thing will be alright. this is my biggest lesson of my 20s, thus far anyways. (sometimes i act/sound like i’m much older than i am, but i’m only 24 lol)

i put myself through tons & tons & TONS of stress by holding on too tightly of what i think is supposed to happen, who i’m supposed to be, what i’m supposed to do, how i’m supposed to live, essentially. when in reality, the only thing i’m supposed to be is myself and do what makes me the happiest and proudest. i think we all have an unhealthy obsession with the whole idea of “supposed to.” think about it…did you eat what you wanted or did you eat what you’re supposed to?? ok, that was probably a bad comparison because we all need a healthy diet so we can be above ground as long as we want. how about this: your job? did you take the offer because you wanted it or because you’re supposed to work? do you date because you’re supposed to be married by 30 or because you want to? (no offense, but my grands have damn near beat this rhetoric into my dna) these two are the most pressing questions that keep me up at night just circling in my head. the only way i am able to get any rest is by knowing and trusting that where i am right now is not where i will always be and that life is very much a process, so there are things i need to learn before i move to the next level. with the latter thought, i kinda treat life like a video game. you have to complete certain tasks before you level up and just because you did xyz and got a medal in the past doesn’t mean that’ll it’ll happen again because new moves are required on new levels.

tbh, that’s all i have to give this week. i’m going to read & reread this one a few times because i’ve been stressing, managing it, but still stressing! i’m juggling blessings and trying to figure out the moves i need to level up or just stay right mfn here, lol. i hope this helped!