Design Engineer

July 2018 - Present

July 2016 - June 2017

Currently, as an advanced design engineer, it is responsibility to efficiently pack a compartment of a future vehicle. I’m assigned to the roof compartment of a future vehicle and I never truly thought of all of the components that can be found up there, but I, surely, never thought it was much more than a few wire harnesses. I am completely mistaken. This role has challenged my methods of communicating and the efficiency of that task. I have to control and its components through the engineers that own the systems and physical parts. It’s a challenge that I’ve grown to love because a new opportunity for learning and creativity presents itself every single day.

In 2016 to mid 2017, I was an engineer that was in control of a few singular plastic seat parts that were to be used across multiple vehicles. This position was my initial entry into the big corporate world and it taught me the most about how the company operates and makes revenue.

Noise, vibration & handling engineer

July 2017 - June 2018

In this position I had the opportunity to solve noise related issues in over 300 Crossovers. It was a very creative space that connected to numerous parts of the company. From the thousands of designers to the hundreds of engineers that tested the designs daily, each taught me something I'd never have known about the vehicles. Balancing the large number of in house testing vehicles with those that were at the dealerships coming in contact with the end customer or being assembled at the plant propelled my organizing and time managing skills. 


While managing my engineering career, I've developed a skill for creating marketing materials for events by different organizations as well as brands. 


In 2014, I was teamed with two mentors to handle relief line internal corrosion for tank farms in the Midwest. I learned on the fly about the processes of a tank farm and a refinery in order to have a basis of knowledge to aid in the repairing the relief lines. I led safety meetings upon the beginning of every day on the tank farms as well as reporting updates and new findings to upper management.

While a co-op, I volunteered to join the diversity & inclusion to propel the company forward. I was able to create and lead a training for the team titled, “What is Your Why?” In this training, I invited the team to dig deep and reveal why the team was important to them and how we can show through our actions in the workplace every single day.

Project Manager

January 2014 - May 2014